Lancaster and Morecambe Deaf Children’s Society

The Lancaster and Morecambe Deaf Children’s Society have been the beneficiary of much needed support from the Lancaster and District Masonic Group, as well as the Morecambe Masonic Fellowship, which has sadly, recently held its last and final meeting.

Helen Whitehouse (first left) is presented with a cheque, on behalf of the Morecambe Masonic Fellowship, from Tom Hunter, together with other members of the fellowship (seated), whilst surrounded by children and parents from the charity.

The society was Jim Wilson’s nominated charity upon his retirement as the group chairman and altogether the charity received £700 from the group. The online raffle facility, created by members of Heysham Lodge No 4108, facilitated the raising of £370 and another £330 was donated by the group.

One of the final acts of the Morecambe Masonic Fellowship was to donate £186.72 to the society, a charity which has been close to their hearts.

The chair of the charity, Helen Whitehouse, remarked that they had been overwhelmed by the generosity shown by the Freemasons. “We do struggle to keep funds coming in”, Helen said, “and only plan according to our means. These donations will help us book two very significant events. The first is a day of outdoor activities at Bendrigg Lodge, Kendal. These types of activities help to build confidence and self-esteem, whilst developing communication skills and support friendships between the children and parents within the group. The second activity is for ‘Music and the Deaf’ to come and lead the children in a Christmas themed workshop later in the year”.

On being presented two cheques, one from Jim Wilson and the other from Tom Hunter, Helen expressed a huge thank you to everyone and later commented that the support of local Freemasons has been invaluable and has made a huge impact.

The development of the software, used to raise part of the funds for this donation, has proved a really good way to raise charitable funds, it is easy to use and can be accessed from any computer or modern mobile telephone. All you need to do is type in and it takes you directly to the site.

Helen Whitehouse (second left), receives a cheque from Jim Wilson, Ben Yates and group chairman Neil McGill (centre, left to right), whilst surrounded by children and parents from the charity.

Article and photographs by Paul Thompson.

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