A charitable feast for Garstang gourmands

Garstang Lodge No 6633 held its ever-popular annual ‘Gourmet Evening’ at Wyrebank Banqueting Suite in Garstang. After a brief lodge meeting at which the brethren enjoyed three specially selected ‘nuggets’ from the Solomon on-line encyclopaedia of Masonic information which were superbly delivered by Chris Butterfield everyone retired to the bar for pre-prandial refreshment in anticipation of culinary delights to come.

Peter Pemberton (left) receives the cheque from WM Colin Richmond.

Peter Pemberton (left) receives the cheque from WM Colin Richmond.When, the more than 50 brethren had taken their seats at the table and wine had been poured, palates were firstly tickled by a serving of pork belly with mango accompaniment and balsamic drizzle. This was followed by a fish course of Mahi Mahi in lemon sauce before a cleansing of the palate with champagne sorbet. Surf and Turf was the main entrée of the menu accompanied by French fries and vegetables and was devoured with great appreciation by all. A trio of desserts specially prepared by head chef Steve rounded off the menu very nicely prior to coffee or tea with mints.

After the main toasts of the evening had been concluded WM Colin Richmond was delighted to invite Peter Pemberton to receive a cheque in the incredible sum of £6,360 in favour of prostate cancer research.

The money had been raised by Colin with such inspired activities as a sponsored slim, a beard shave off and other fund-raising ideas.

In gratefully receiving the cheque on behalf of Prostate Cancer UK, Peter said that prostate cancer had thankfully achieved a much higher public and medical profile thanks in part to celebrities such as Rod Stewart, Stephen Fry, Elton John and Bill Turnbull sharing their own experiences with the disease.

Although advances in treatment are being made we are still a way off having a reliable diagnostic procedure which would result in a national screening programme. Until then the PSA test, although imperfect, remains the best non-invasive test available. The message therefore, Peter said, was for men to get tested – and to get tested regularly.

In thanking Colin on behalf of all men for raising such a magnificent sum, Peter said that it will undoubtedly help to bring forward the time when we have a national screening programme and the impact that could have on thousands of men’s lives each year.


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